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Have Joan on air!

“Joan was a pleasure to have on my show – very engaging and on point.” Brian Greenberg, Host of The Brian Greenberg News Show on WNJC 1380 AM Sewell, NJ, USA

“Joan was a fantastic radio show guest! She was always responsive to emails, called in to the station right on time, and had plenty of insight and relatable stories to share with the audience that were in sync with the show topic. Our one hour show flowed the entire time, and I would certainly welcome Joan back to be a guest again. Joan is professional, down-to-earth and just wonderful to speak with and interview. I highly recommend Joan Posivy as a radio show guest.” Kim O’Neill, Host of Perk Up with Kim on

Joan was a terrific interview – it was very natural with great stories that listeners could relate to easily!
It was like talking with an old friend! A natural! Thanks so much Joan!” Wayne Kelly, Morning Show Host & Producer, The Wayne & Jayne Show


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Joan’s Quest

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Notes on Joan Posivy – bio & one sheet

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In her youth, Joan was extremely fortunate to meet someone who (despite her objections) convinced her that she could have, do, or be anything she truly desired. Needless to say, that got her attention. It wasn’t because she was anyone special or out of the ordinary. This, he told her, applied to everyone. If she was willing to put in the time to study, learn, and apply what she was learning, he said, she would certainly see wonderful results. As it turns out, he was right.

The more she studied the mind, human potential, and personal development, the more she came to believe that what she had been told was indeed true. Through applying those lessons, she bought her first house at the age of 19 and was appointed a bank manager by the age of 22… at the time, the youngest person in Canada to have earned that title. She discovered to her complete joy and amazement that what she was learning and then applying was working!

Just a few years later (after passing up another promotion), Joan quit her job and formed her own training company – Programs for Peak Performance. That was 25 years ago. Since then, she’s taught extensively throughout North America and in a number of countries around the globe. “I see an incredible amount of talent and potential in the people I meet,” says Joan, “but more importantly, I want to be sure they see this in themselves.”

Joan reveals how each one of us can live the life of our dreams in her new book, The Way Success Works: How to Decide, Believe, and Begin to Live Your Best Life™ and as Bob Proctor, international bestselling author and featured teacher in The Secret says… “If anyone understands success, this lady does…follow her advice to the letter.”

You can find even more information about Joan here. To arrange an interview or seminar, or to find out more about Joan’s talks, writing, or the Global Youth Project, please contact us here.