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L. Cameron

EKC Technology Inc.

"Joan is an outstanding trainer. She's keen, sharp and has the ability to keep your attention. Also, uses humour to keep you motivated. One of the best training sessions I have ever attended."

L. Leonard

Belfast City Council / Belfast Northern Ireland

"Joan Posivy was excellent - lively, funny, friendly, and honest."




This offering has evolved over the past 19 years (and continues to, today) as Joan tweaks, updates, and adds new insights for you to be assured you’re getting the best of her best. Just like The Way Success Works™ book, this program focuses on the three key areas vital to anyone’s success:

1. DECIDE: What is it that you really want? Knowing the answer is essential to your success. Explore the 4 Primary Questions to reveal your unique answers. Discover the art and science of goal setting, the value of goals and three techniques to help you decide what you want.

2. BELIEVE: After this session you’ll no longer wonder whether you can make your dreams come true – you’ll KNOW you can!

3. BEGIN: Here you’ll discover how to muster the courage to go for it, with a positive, expectant attitude, and you’ll learn how to not allow other people and situations to knock you off your course to success.

Available in a 1 hour, 1/2 day, or full-day format.

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Dave Douglas

Dave Douglas

Program Director / Rotary Youth Leadership Program

"Joan’s program, The Way Success WorksTM, provides very powerful tools to assist persons in identifying and then successfully becoming who they want to be. As the Program Director for a Rotary sponsored leadership program (RYLA) for 18-25 year olds, I have seen and be advised of some of the amazing accomplishments that the participants have achieved over the 19 years Joan has made her presentation at our program.

My own daughter at 19 years of age was moved by Joan’s presentation and set two very complex goals which she shared with the group; to travel and to be of assistance in the world. Within 3 months she, by working 2 jobs raised enough money to travel to Africa on her own, visiting 5 Countries with a truck tour (playing with and teaching art to children in the villages) then to Ethiopia for 16 weeks (working in the surgery of a hospital and teaching art to children in the school) then to Tanzania for 8 weeks (working with children in an orphanage). Not only did she accomplish her goals but returned home a very mature young lady – all a result of the encouragement of Joan’s presentation.

Joan is a dynamic presenter who captivates and motivates the participants, providing them with powerful tools to assist them in seeking their destiny. I highly recommend Joan and The Way Success WorksTM program."



The earlier in life we know the rules of this game, the better! Virtually everyone has the ability to become financially free. One reason this is not the norm is that most of us learned about money from people who didn’t have a lot of it! There are two vital things required to improve your financial situation permanently and dramatically. You MUST:

1. Develop the INTERNAL mindset of a prosperous person, AND
2.  Employ EXTERNAL abundance building strategies.

During Winning the Money Game you’ll learn how to do both.

You’ll also discover:
… The hidden barrier preventing you from achieving your financial freedom.
… The #1 habit you need to form to move towards riches.
… Why you must manage the money you have now (even if it’s not a lot!)
… Why the rich get richer (despite economic conditions) and how you can do the same.
… Why your financial future will be similar to your financial past until you make these changes.

And much, much more!

Available in a 1 hour, 1/2 day, or full-day format.

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Lee Holm

British Columbia, Canada

“Joan, I just wanted to thank you for your influence in my life. 8 years ago I attended your presentation. You talked about believing in ourselves and our dreams. You were so positive, vibrant and alive that it gave me hope again. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank YOU for that presentation. I have told many people about the difference you made to me. My dreams and vision have changed somewhat but thanks to you, they are alive.”

Dennis A. Watson

Executive VP & General Manager / Chex Television

“Not only did we benefit from Joan’s enthusiastic personality, but also from her willingness to roll up her sleeves and really get involved with our company. She was always there when we needed her.”

Bala Naidoo

Regional Director: Investors Group / Committee Chair: Young Professionals Summit

"Terrific job Joan! Thank you so very much for speaking at our recent Young Professionals Summit and our IG Regional meeting. We received fabulous feedback from attendees about your presentation. It was incredibly engaging, inspiring, and thought-provoking. It was a perfect combination of important principles, solid content, examples, and humour. You really delivered a great message that will be remembered by the audience. I would highly recommend you as a speaker and you can have anyone that may be interested to talk to me directly for a testimonial."