Focus Made Easy

Let’s face it. Goal achieving can be difficult.

While the rewards and satisfaction are potentially incredible, it can be challenging to remain focused, positive, and stay the course until the goal is realized. But here’s a way to do this multiple times a day that is super-easy and takes no extra time, because it only requires a tweak to what you’re already doing…

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Rumor Has It

And yes… the rumors are true! We at the GYP are so excited to be in the midst of developing our next resource to help you live your best life and we can’t wait to share it with you. It’s our upcoming, much anticipated, informative and entertaining, truly global, (drumroll please….) PODCAST LAUNCH!!!

Why is it destined to be so amazing? Because the stars of the show are today’s youth from all corners of the planet who are following their passion, making it happen, and having an impact locally, regionally, nationally, and sometimes globally.

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From Zero to $10 million.

How do you go from broke and driving a beat up old Toyota to collecting a $10 million pay cheque in just a few years? Just the same way you manifest anything you would truly like to have, do, or to be with your life.

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You Got This

How often do we identify a problem – on a personal, local, national or even global scale – and simply pass it by? We so often accept the story of: that’s just the way it is. Thankfully (for ourselves and for our planet), there is a whole generation of youth today awakening to the potential within themselves to put on the brakes and re-write the story. “Hey, wait a minute!” they’re starting to say. “There’s something I can do about this.”

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Stand tall. Breathe deep. Bow in.

“Attack!” he shouts. “Attack!”

Instantly, three people spring into action and are coming at me full on, determined to take me down. It’s their job, after all. These three have volunteered to be my ukes (pronounced “oo-kays” — my attackers) during my aikido black belt test. All I have to do is stay calm, centred, and focused, yet highly alert. All they have to do is be fully committed to attack. And it’s clear that they are. In seconds I forget all about my part of the equation, because I’m out of breath and pinned beneath three ukes. Mercifully, the instructor calls them off.

I have the shortest of moments to catch my breath before, yet again, I bow to my attackers. It’s their signal to advance.

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