Focus Made Easy

Let’s face it. Goal achieving can be difficult.

While the rewards and satisfaction are potentially incredible, it can be challenging to remain focused, positive, and stay the course until the goal is realized. But here’s a way to do this multiple times a day that is super-easy and takes no extra time, because it only requires a tweak to what you’re already doing…

Craft your passwords into supportive affirmations; for example, IamC0nF!dent, Rich$Rocks10m, World~Trvllr22, OzIn092016, wE!ght@153pds or 70kg!Sgreat.

I’ve been using this technique for years. It’s fun, easy to do and effective. I’ve used passwords to focus on travel, monetary goals, personal qualities I’ve wanted to develop in myself, and most recently to focus on receiving bestseller status for The Way Success Works. (Achieved!)

Serena Williams, the American pro tennis player who has won 21 career Grand Slams and is ranked No. 1 in women’s singles tennis, knows a thing or two about goal achieving. Turns out, she’s a fan of this smart use of passwords. As Serena wrote in WIRED Magazine,

“Back in 2008, when I was competing in the US Open, I would keep little ‘matchbooks,’ where I’d write affirmations to myself and read them during matches. It worked pretty well. But before long I found an even better way to inspire myself: I started using affirmations as the passwords to my phone and my computer…You should try it. You’ll be surprised how many times a day you log in and have an opportunity to trigger the positivity. I love that I can use technology that way.”

Get started with one today, so that each time you log in, you’ll be reminded of your glorious future that awaits.


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