Rumor Has It

And yes… the rumors are true! We at the GYP are so excited to be in the midst of developing our next resource to help you live your best life and we can’t wait to share it with you. It’s our upcoming, much anticipated, informative and entertaining, truly global, (drumroll please….) PODCAST LAUNCH!!!

Why is it destined to be so amazing? Because the stars of the show are today’s youth from all corners of the planet who are following their passion, making it happen, and having an impact locally, regionally, nationally, and sometimes globally.

We’d love to have you join us. Here’s how you can dive in and be part of the adventure…

Do you know someone (maybe it’s you!) who you think would make a great guest for an episode? You don’t need to know them personally, but let us know about it so we can seek them out!

Be sure to sign up for our free newsletter, full of GYP tips, tools, and resources, to be first to hear about the launch date. (>> Look in the sidebar for the signup form!) In the meantime, we’ll send you a special mp3, The Best of No Limit Confidence, as our gift to you. You’ll definitely want to hear it. Drawn from Joan’s classic program, it’s a selection of the most critical, implement-right-away strategies to help you build and sustain your no-limit confidence. And who couldn’t use more of that?

The development of the podcast is one more step in the our mission to inspire, enliven, educate, and empower you to become the courageous, confident, goal achiever we know you can be.

Join our growing tribe of like-minded, action-oriented, let’s do this, global youth today!

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