From Zero to $10 million.

How do you go from broke and driving a beat up old Toyota to collecting a $10 million pay cheque in just a few years? Just the same way you manifest anything you would truly like to have, do, or to be with your life.

I’ve shared the story of Jim Carrey with thousands of people over the years because it’s such a great example of the power you have to change your life. The key is to not let your present circumstances control your vision of what’s possible.

Regardless of the fact that Jim Carrey was broke at the time, he decided that what he wanted was to be paid $10 million dollars for starring in a film… even though he didn’t know how it would happen. He set about strengthening his belief in himself and his ability to achieve this by visualizing very clearly what he wanted. Jim would drive along Mulholland Drive (which is home to some of the most exclusive and most expensive homes in the world) and from that vantage point, look down at Hollywood and imagine himself being sought after by the industry’s top directors. He wrote down his goal in the form of a cheque, which he explains in the video below.


All the while, he was taking action. “You can’t just visualize, then go for a sandwich,” he points out. You’ve got to do the work and keep moving towards your goal. Over the years he has been paid well over $10 million per film.


What’s one goal that you have fallen in love with and are wanting to achieve? Put down the sandwich and go for it.



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